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Baghlaf Steel Leading the industryBuilding the Future

One of the leaders of the steel industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Welcome to Baghlaf Steel

Advanced Steel Supplier from Saudi Arabia

We are Baghlaf Steel, one of the leading suppliers of steel in Saudi Arabia. We deliver high-class steel worldwide, helping our customers take advantage of stable steel supplies in their manufacturing and construction processes with competitive pricing.

One of our key values is the success of our clients. For that, we've developed world-class service with a secure dealing procedure, which allows customers to focus on their core business. Feel free to contact us at any time - we are here for you.

Have questions?

Our team is ready to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or send us a message via contact form; we will reply to you with an answer soon.

Our products

Steel Builds the Future

Baghlaf Steel delivers high-class steel products world-wide to customers across a broad range of industry sectors. Our product range consists billet steel, second quality rails, several types of steel coils and rebar.

Railway Steel

Second Quality railway R50/65

Billet Steel

Steel billets

Steel Coils



Rebar Steel

Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

Our global services

Building a future with our local partners.

We are committed to holistic service development and support for our clients globally. Our agents are widely experienced in filling industrial customers' demands and need domestically.


High-class services and products to drive your business.

A strong partnership in raw material purchases is the foundation of your success. With our high-quality steel, timely deliveries, competitive pricing, and secure payment options, you can create a solid base for your business.

Our wide product selection consists of several types of steel for industry, such as railsrebar, steel coils, and steel billets.

We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards. With Baghlaf Steel products you can be sure you're using world-class steel in your projects.

Our dealing procedures are developed for safe dealing to enable flexible deliveries based on your needs. We are using a Letter of Credit, which is the safest way the payment of large transactions.

Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

The use of steel from Baghlaf Steel

Building the strong Infrastructure

Steel for multible uses

Steel for multible uses

from Baghlaf Steel
Rebar for Construction

Rebar for Construction

from Baghlaf Steel
Long Steel Rails

Long Steel Rails

from Baghlaf Steel
Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

from Baghlaf Steel

Have a project in mind? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

Becoming an agent

This a beneficial option for companies who are experienced in the steel industry and supply in a specific region. To our agents, we offer high-quality products, full support and competitive pricing to reach advantage in the local markets.


High-quality steel

As our agent, you get access to high-quality steel products for increasing your ability to supply large quantities with guaranteed quality and smooth deliveries.

Benefits for agents

By enrolling in the agency you will benefit for competitive pricing available for the agents only, and full support from us with your transactions and clients.

Interested to be an agent? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

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