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    Cooperation with Baghlaf Steel

    Proudly from Saudi Arabia to Global markets

    We at Baghlaf Steel, value the importance of partnership and long-term cooperation, and we believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with other specialized companies that have extensive experience with steel products and the construction industry.

    Becoming an agent can be a viable option for you if you have established a strong network of clients or wholesalers and are seeking high-quality products from a stable and capable supplier with competitive pricing.

    Benefits of being an agent of Baghlaf Steel

    We have our own pricing for the agents, who are working continuously with clients purchasing steel products from us and actively seeking new markets, clients and possibilities for the trade of steel.

    We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards. With Baghlaf Steel products you can be sure you're marketing world-class steel to your clients.

    For our agents, we offer full support when there are specialized requests and deliveries from their clients. With our professional team, we ensure the success of the agent with steel trade and help the agent to offer special services with tailored solutions covering his customer's needs.

    What is agency?

    Find below our philosophy for a great customer experience in the steel markets.
    Baghlaf Steel - Becoming an agent of steel supplier

    Supplying the steel word wide

    The agency of Baghlaf Steel is a profitable and ready way to participate in the steel markets everywhere. As an agent, you can take full advantage of the high-quality steel and opportunities that come via our ongoing development and growth and deep understanding of the industry globally.​

    The best customer service happens locally

    We believe that you know your clients and the local business environment. As well we recognize, the best customer service is offered locally by an agent who understands the customer's needs and domestic markets.

    Competitive pricing help agent to win in the markets

    Winning in the markets much depending on the pricing and flexibility the supplier can offer. For our agents, we have built efficient bulk pricing, enabling the agent to build tailored offers and deliveries for his clients.

    Support by qualified team

    Collaboration is the key to success. Our qualified team is here to assist agents with any questions that need to be addressed regarding their clients' orders. We are actively seeking out the best solutions for payments, deliveries, and specific demands required in each transaction. The wide experience of our team ensures that each agent has access to the latest practices and that any issues are solvable.

    Have questions?

    Our team is ready to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or send us a message via contact form; we will reply to you with an answer soon.

    Interested about agency? send us a message

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